AIR AND GAS TREATMENT: THE CHALLENGE Treatment of air and process gases typically has two fundamental drivers: regulatory compliance and/or product purity. Many industrial operations face increasingly stringent discharge limits on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). From a process purity standpoint, many process gases contain undesired impurities that can be removed with Jacobi’s EcoSorb™ and AddSorb™ products.

Applications and Solutions

for Air and Gas

Air Purification – Voc Removal

Regulations on air emissions often require control technologies for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Activated carbon’s simplicity and reliability make it an ideal solution for air emission compliance. Jacobi supplies our EcoSorb™ GX Series (extruded coal based) and EcoSorb™ C Series (granular coconut shell based) grades for VOC removal systems serving a number of industries.

Solvent Recovery

Valuable solvents that could be lost from the discharge stack can be adsorbed onto activated carbon, then recovered using pressure swing or temperature swing (via steam or nitrogen) for reuse. Jacobi has designed EcoSorb BX Series extruded pellets for optimum performance.

Gas Purification

Industrial process gas streams require purification to prevent the poisoning of downstream catalysts or in order to meet specification requirements. Organic contaminants are removed by deep packed bed columns of grades such as EcoSorb™ GXB and EcoSorb™ CS. Acid gases and other specialized contaminants are handled with our AddSorb™ series (VA series for acid gases, VB series for alkaline gases, VF series for aldehydes, and VQ series for mercury)

For more information on how Jacobi products are used for air and gas industry applications please get in touch and our team will be on hand to assist.